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Study Shows Marketing Execs Leery Of New Media

Everyone knows that online advertising spending is not only up, but is expected to grow substantially next year. However, that doesn't mean that the people paying for it believe it's working. A surprising new study by the American Advertising Federation reveals that ad industry leaders view new media outlets like blogs, podcasts and cell phones as relatively weak advertising vehicles. Respondents said the most effective nontraditional ad strategy was the single-sponsor deal, such as the recent one between Target and The New Yorker. The survey also showed that 58 percent of marketing execs have already changed or expect to change their ad buys in response to digital video recorders, and many maintain that such technology will have a significant impact on the 30-second spot. Additional findings in the wide-ranging survey revealed that the most respected brands among respondents were, in order, Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, Google and a tie between FedEx and BMW.



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