Why Marketers Are Suddenly Obsessed With Customer Experience & Engagement

This week’s data shows an off-the-charts rise in marketers reading about “customer experience and engagement,” as measured by Bombora Company Surge. If you’re like most successful marketing leaders, you’re already putting customers at the heart of your business and you understand we are all in the experience business.

While it all should appear simple and frictionless to your audiences, orchestrating customer experiences by merging online and offline worlds throughout a customer journey can be a Herculean task. Advances in analytics, data, and technology are driving new levels of personalization, which are quickly becoming the new norm. Critically, marketing teams can’t lose sight of where buyers are on their path to purchase, and must use journey analysis to constantly evaluate what matters most to ensure they are delivering value at every opportunity. 



Meanwhile, according to intent data, agencies have been busy studying up on “visual effects” (VFX), which has been climbing consistently since the summer. In the race toward sweeping digital transformation and innovation, emotional engagement remains one of the most effective marketing tools. This classic marketing approach has endured over decades because it attracts customers by enhancing interactions and offering unexpected rewards or experiences. 

For agencies, the successful exploitation of new ideas can lead to better work, and greater customer satisfaction. So why, then, visual effects? First and foremost, visual communication is an important marketing element regardless of medium. However, with video booming thanks to the rise in streaming outlets, the VFX market is poised for tremendous growth as the demand for high-quality digital content soars. 

No longer is it exclusive to the deep pocketed Hollywood elite. We’ll see new business opportunities in the VFX market continue to emerge in the next few years.

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