Toward A Cookie-Less Future: Data Provider Teams Up With DSP For Better Targeting

The B2B sales-intent data company Bombora is teaming up with Bidtellect, the demand-side platform (DSP), to offer a cookieless marketing alternative, the companies announced last week.

Marketers looking for scale and visibility, the companies said, can now more easily find both. The partnership combines Bombora’s proprietary “Company Surge” intent data with Bidtellect’s context-first programmatic platform, creating a contextual-target opportunity with significant scale.

Bombora’s data comes from a cooperative of 4,000-plus B2B content sources. The aggregated data identifies buyer intent through increases in content consumption around a 9,000-topic taxonomy that covers a variety of business themes, industries, and categories. The data measures 20 billion average monthly content consumption events across the B2B internet from privacy-compliant data.



Activity is tracked and scored, enabling marketers to identify when buyers are close to final purchase decision, and in turn, offer advertising messaging to those targets. Bidtellect provides granular ad placement-level targeting.

Together, the combination delivers what the two companies are calling a first-of-its-kind precision, scale, and performance to B2B brands, enabling contextual targeting against 62 topic categories, including digital transformation, supply chain management, business intelligence, cryptocurrency, and marketing technology — all in a cookieless environment.

“The ad-tech industry has been undergoing seismic shifts in order to prepare for the cookieless future,” said Bombora vice president of Business Development Tony Mowad. “Bombora’s contextual partnership with Bidtellect is one of many future-proofing initiatives we are developing to address the cookieless world and continue to serve our clients effectively.”

Demand-side platforms (DSPs) like Bidtellect serve the advertiser side of the ad tech business, enabling digital automation. Supply-side platforms (SSPs) work on the publisher side.

One agency executive said he has high hopes for the Bombora-Bidtellect initiative. “Our clients often have complex and evolving marketing needs that require a balancing act of strategies to identify and reach their priority audiences,” said Anthony Lopez, supervisor of programmatic at Just Global, a full-service marketing agency that specializes in B2B. “Bidtellect and Bombora’s new global cookieless B2B solution provides us with a unique combination of data and content-driven solutions that allow us to plan for the future.

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