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'Press 1 For Heaven': Freight Center Satirizes On-Hold Shenanigans

If you’ve ever been stuck in on-hold hell, you’ll likely relate to these ads from Freight Center.

In the first ad, via Diamond View, a man tries to navigate a decision tree that asks him increasingly weird questions (“For an obnoxious teenager, say 15”). The man stays calm, though there is an option for a “disgruntled customer.”

The man’s face is then frozen and segues to Freight Center’s website.

In another ad, a live rep at a pizza joint runs a caller through an increasingly bizarre menu of options (“A red bag or a blue bag? In a luxury SUV or an economy-sized hybrid?”), while the woman calling says “I just want some pizza.”

An announcer says, “Skip complicated. Ship Simple,” which leads to Freight Center’s tagline, “Get ship done.”

Freight Center is a logistics company that acts as a conduit between freight carriers and commercial or residential shippers. The company claims that it can put together the most cost-effective solution to meet consumers’ needs.



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