Fans Help Spin Plot Of Taco Bell Ad

Fans created the storyline for this spot from Deutsch, Los Angeles, for Taco Bell.

The ad is a continuation of the faux movie campaign the brand introduced in 2018 for its Nacho Fries, but this time the brand asked fans to come up with a plot via Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries Challenge on Twitter.

Fans chose the name of the protagonist (Vanessa), along with the type of car she’s driving, Vanessa’s outfit and even her dog (Baja). The result is a sort of mix of “Mad Max,” “Groundhog Day” and the "San Junipero" episode of Netflix’s “Black Mirror,” though confined to 60 seconds and with no profanity.

This ad ends with a cliffhanger, so we can expect another one pretty soon. The fake movie trailer also includes a fake rating of TB (get it?) and a disclaimer that “spicy language, infinite dipping may cause hunger.”



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