Ukrainian Producers Unite To Tell Stories Of The War

As anyone who has been keeping up with the news is aware, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine grinds on.  

There are lots of stories to tell, sadly many of them are pretty horrific. 

Now a group of Ukrainian film and TV producers has formed an alliance dedicated to telling stories about Russia’s unprovoked military aggression. 

Leading the project are Ukrainian film and TV producers Volodymyr Borodianskiy (member of the Supervisory Board of Media Group Ukraine), Victor Mirsky (Co-founder group), Daria Leygonie-Fialko (Founder & Producer Space Production), Alla Lipovetskaya (Founder & Producer Mamas Production), Iryna Zaria (Founder & Producer Ukrainian Production Studio), Maryna Kvasova (Founder & Producer Mamas Production) and Igor Storchak (Founder & Producer Gingers Media).  
"Our goal is to unite our best capabilities to maximize the impact, and to attract as many media workers as possible, creating new jobs in these turbulent times," the founding producers stated. 



The group will produce documentaries as well as educational films and series that are designed to tell the world about origins, causes and consequences of the Russian war in Ukraine. 

A number of projects are already underway including a documentary titled “Against All Odds” about how Ukraine was able to stand up to Russian troops, despite the view of many experts that Russia would quickly overwhelm the country and crush any resistance to its invasion. 

The producers are self-funding the effort but also looking for additional investors. 

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