New Campaign Brings The War A Lot Closer To Home

A new campaign from Tank WW and parent company Grey Canada brings the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia a lot closer to home—it envisions what Toronto, Montreal and New York might look like if what’s happening in Ukraine happened in those cities.

The pro bono campaign is designed to raise funds for Ukraine humanitarian and refugee efforts and was inspired by a line in a speech that Ukraine president Zelensky gave before the Canadian Parliament: “Feel this: what we feel every day.”

The funds raised will be dispersed via the humanitarian group Razom.

“The quote inspired our team to show Canadians [and Americans] what it would look and feel like if we were under siege and our cities were being destroyed,” said Marty Martinez, Chief Creative Officer of TANK WW. The campaign includes out-of-home, social media, online and public relations in Canada and the US.



Images of iconic landmarks in Toronto, Montreal and New York appear on Visitors can toggle between views of the cities showing what they actually look like and what they might look like after a military invasion.  Rodeo FX provided the special effects.

Pedestrians can access a QR code to see the moving scenes on digital billboards at their transit stop.

GroupM is providing media planning and procurement support. Media companies donating space include CBC, Yahoo, Astral, BellMedia, Rogers, Publicite Sauvage as well as U.S. firms that GroupM is working with but has not yet identified.


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