Volkswagen, Nissan Support Charitable Endeavors

Volkswagen Group of America and Nissan North America both announced the continuation of multidecade charitable initiatives. 

Volkswagen Group continues its 20 years supporting the VSA Emerging Young Artists program at the Kennedy Center. VSA, the Center’s international organization on arts and disability, will showcase the work of 15 emerging artists in its latest traveling exhibition on show from June 3 to July 24.

Volkswagen works with the Kennedy Center tofoster environments of inclusion and opportunities for young people with disabilities.

The automaker collaborates with the Kennedy Center to select a theme each year that represents Volkswagen and provides a guide for the young artists as they create art for the competition and exhibit. 

This year’s theme,“Merge,” is an exhibition of artwork that considers the intersections, juxtaposition and combinations of the creative process and disability identity.



Meanwhile, Nissan Foundation, the charitable arm of Nissan North America, announced it is awarding $848,000 in grants to 33 nonprofits. 

For 30 years, the organization has supported educational programs that promote a greater appreciation and understanding of America's diverse cultural heritage. In total, the foundation has awarded nearly $14 million to more than 150 organizations.

The nonprofit recipients are located in Southern California, Tennessee, Texas, Central Mississippi, Southeast Michigan and the New York and Atlanta metro areas -- all locations where Nissan has an operational presence.

The automaker created a 4-minute-long video to publicize the groups and their efforts.

The Nissan Foundation was created as a direct response to the civil unrest that followed the Rodney King trial verdict that occurred near Nissan North America's then U.S. sales operations in Southern California.

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