B2B Publisher To Provide Content-Marketing Services

AC Business Media this week announced the launch of a content-marketing unit to provide its advertiser partners with access to the media company’s subject-matter expertise.

The unit, called EXTEND Connected Content, creates a team equipped to provide strategic content services in the industries Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin-based AC Business Media serves: the heavy construction, asphalt, concrete, paving, rental, landscape, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain industries. (Among its publications is Asphalt Contractor, pictured above.)

“EXTEND will support our clients’ marketing goals, while positioning them as industry thought leaders, by wielding the power of custom content marketing campaigns and strategies — extending their budget, team, audience, and success rate,” the company said in a press release.



EXTEND Connected Content’s suite of products offer full-service content development capabilities that track through to activation and audience engagement. They include written content (articles, info-sheets, education, and case studies), infographics, ebooks, white papers, podcasts, single-vendor social media management, and a range of video options.

AC Business Media CEO Ron Spink noted that B2B audiences have a powerful appetite for informed insights and perspectives in vertical markets. “And not only from trusted, third-party media sources, but from industry leading manufacturers and brands,” Spink said. “However, relevance is the key to building connections. EXTEND allows our clients the opportunity to tap into our subject matter experts, processes, and engagements to build great content environments that scale conversation with buyers -- all at a fraction of the cost, and time, of trying to produce internally.”

The EXTEND content-marketing team of writers, editors, videographers, social media managers, and designers, has access to years of experience in the industries ACBM serves, plus the tools and resources to feed their content pipelines, and the strategic solutions to create loyal customers and growing sales.

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