Aiming For The Most Efficient Media Buy

Marketers dream of isolating the media that’s working toward their goals and then doubling up on such media. But such cherry-picking has been difficult. Adelaide Metrics, a 3-year-old company, was created with the goal of finding such media, which marketers can use to their own ends.

Marketing Daily recently spoke with Martin Bush, senior director for Adelaide. Below are excerpts from that conversation:

Marketing Daily: What’s the vision?

Martin Bush. I think we're all looking at the current state of the industry, and really hoping that utilizing our attention metric, we can help our clients to achieve better outcomes by better and more efficient media.

Marketing Daily: Where do you get the data from?

Bush: We have partnerships with external parties that will provide us with a whole host of data. In this, it's kind of like a a black box of data. But we do have partnerships, some of whom do eye-tracking. And we do have a bunch of individual kind of clients.



Other people don't actually have the data that are able to provide us with things like conversions. So we're actually able to model based off of what is happening currently. There's historical data, but it does take into account everything that is happening here and now.

Marketing Daily: And you connected what people are exposed to, to their purchases. How you do that?

Bush: We work with a bunch of third-party survey providers, and we're able to take care at the session ID level. And we're able to join that with our data to show OK, where does the attention unit affect brand lift or purchase intent or things like that. And on the flip side, with performance data, clients will have access to reporting.

Marketing Daily: After four years of doing this, have you learned anything counterintuitive about media with the way that people see it, and it actually behaves?

Bush: It’s really interesting just to see the behavioral shift. Being able to look at programmatic especially, where individuals are able to see, OK, where are we buying efficiently and where are we not buying efficiently?

So we have programmatic, so much money is going into right now that we're able to help our clients actually see, OK, we're not buying efficiently here. Let's move some money into where we are buying efficiently.

That's the biggest thing for me personally, just coming into this role, where it's been really interesting to help our clients take their budget, and push it towards more attentive media, but also cost-efficient, attentive media. You also get creative on how that affects purchases decisions.

Marketing Daily: What do you recommend if someone was doing a $10 million media buy?

Bush: We always like to look at how the media is being bought, first of all, to make sure we can provide recommendations there as to where the attention is, and where the cost efficiency is. And then we look toward, where can we start affecting this from pre-campaign? Where can we affect this during the campaign? And then how can we help post-campaign?

So it's very much looking at the understanding of what's happening on that $10 million buy, and where we can make the $10 million buy more effective next time.

Also for future reference, can we make that $10 million buy go a lot further than where it is going currently?

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  1. John Grono from GAP Research, June 28, 2022 at 4:35 a.m.


    I was taught that the effectiveness of a campaign was more important than its efficiency.   The most efficient campaign is to expose one ad to one buyer - 100% efficient but close to zero effectiveness.

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