Some Women's Healthcare Brands Market Differently Now

After the Supreme Court’s ruling last week to overturn the 49-year-old Roe v. Wade decision, many ad executives stated their opposition, while a few women's-health-related businesses are using the decision to draw attention to their brands.

Chief among them, The Wall Street Journal reports, is Favor, formerly known as the Pill Club, which has launched an ad campaign stating, “They’re coming for your abortion. Your birth control is next.”



Stix, meanwhile, started selling “emergency contraception” last week and has run online ads targeting people in different areas. An ad in Kentucky reads “In Kentucky, the term ‘bourbon’ is legally protected. But a human’s reproductive rights might not be.” Stix runs similar ads in Utah and Missouri.

Stix’s morning-after pill, Restart, which was released on June 21, costs $38, but the company has launched a Restart Donation Bank, which is designed to help women in need. The company is running billboard ads within five miles of pregnancy centers in Kentucky, Missouri, Utah, Arkansas and Kentucky—states with trigger bans.

Such morning-after pills are legal in every state. Noting the Supreme Court’s ruling, one pharmaceutical company, Nurx, has cut the price of its morning-after pill, New Day, by 25%, in anticipation of consumers who want to stock up.

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