Hillel Revamps Campus Image With 'All Kinds Of Jewish' Campaign

The nearly 100-year-old Hillel, the largest, most inclusive Jewish campus organization in the world, is getting a brand makeover.

A new campaign, “All Kinds of Jewish”, celebrates the perspectives and identities of young Jews as they head back to college.

The creative, from the Oberland agency, acknowledges changes in campus life and Jewish life in the 21st century.

Digital ads, out-of-home executives and videos celebrate Hillel in an easy way, positing the organization as a unique place to participate in organized Jewish opportunities and communities.

The OOH ads will be located in Boston and Washington, D.C., both home to numerous college campuses with large Jewish populations. The Hillel digital media ads will stream on Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.



The executions are humorous and inviting, noting there are many kinds of Jews and many ways to be Jewish. Secular or religious, all are invited to discover what Hillel can offer. One social media post reads: “You won’t want to miss Drag Queen Brunch.” The cheeky tone underscores the broader sensibility of the campaign.

Future content is tied to key events, such as the High Holidays, Hillel’s centenary in 2023 and Passover next spring.

Adam Lehman, president-CEO of Hillel International, said: “At Hillel, students have, are, and always will be encouraged to bring their whole selves and identities. Whatever a student’s race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, activities and interests, or level of Jewish knowledge, we welcome all kinds of Jewish at Hillel.”

Through its campus-based affiliates, Hillel runs programs for students, young alumni and community members at more than 850 college and university campuses worldwide.

Lisa Topol, Oberland’s executive creative director, said the work “landed on a dynamic, fun and energetic voice that highlights the more modern and diverse aspects of Hillel’s programming, like unexpected cuisine at Shabbat dinners, or events that connect with LGBTQ+ and non-binary students. A person can come from any type of Jewish background — or have no formal Jewish background at all — to enjoy Hillel.”

The friendly outreach is visionary. The goal is a new tone and brand personality that will position Hillel for the next 100 years. Or as the video message says: “if you need to find somewhere you always belong, you’re always welcome here.” 

Oberland, a purpose-driven agency, has done work for Thinx, ACLU Trans Script, OKCoin, Consumer Reports and New York Institute of Technology.

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