Apple Podcasts Connect Sends The Wrong Emails In Apparent Misfire: Report

A possible glitch has caused long-running Apple podcasters to get emails about approvals that had already occurred. 

The misfire may signal a coming change, according to the Apple Insider blog.

Emails were sent via Apple Podcasts Connect portal on Tuesday, congratulating podcast owners for show additions despite their having been live for over a decade, Apple Insider writes. 

The AppleInsider team received multiple emails about their podcast and their personal projects.  

One message congratulated readers because their channels are newly available on Apple Podcasts, while another reported that paid subscriptions had been approved. 

One email message says: 

“Congratulations! Your subscription for your channel, AppleInsider, has been approved by Apple Podcasts. Explore Apple Podcasts for Creators to find helpful articles, best practices, and tools to grow your audience. And be sure to become an Apple Podcasts affiliate partner to earn commissions each time a subscription purchase is made.” 

Apple Insider said that “It is unknown how many messages were sent out, or if it was caused by a Apple-side system change or administrative error. There is a chance that, if this is a system issue, it could be caused by maintenance of accounts, or even as an accidental byproduct of implementing or changing unnamed features.”



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