Meltwater Partners With NewsGuard To Track Brands' Online Media Mentions

Meltwater, a provider of social intelligence and analytics, has formed a partnership with NewsGuard that it says will allow its clients to see where they're being mentioned online. 

NewsGuard employs journalists to rate the credibility of news sources and track false narratives that are being spread online.  

Meltwater clients will gain access to NewsGuard’s Reliability Ratings and “Nutrition Labels,” tools that enable brands to see where they are being mentioned. NewsGuard also sends alerts when client brands appear on unreliable sites that often spread false claims. 

In addition, Meltwater customers can deploy NewsGuard’s Misinformation Fingerprints, a continually-updated catalog of the top myths circulating online. 



“Our customers need to know where their organization is being mentioned, from the most esteemed news outlets, to fringe forums and sites peddling ‘fake news,’” states Meltwater CEO John Box. “They also need to be able to quickly and efficiently respond to any misinformation being shared knowingly or unknowingly on social media.” 

Box adds that the NewsGuard partnership will provide customers with “an additional lens to understand and report on the quality and credibility of their news coverage, as well as potential misinformation around their brand on social media." 

Steven Brill, co-CEO of NewsGuard, said the collaboration will “bring our misinformation protections to a new scale, enabling Meltwater’s more than 27,000 customers globally to gain access to this solution.” 



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