IT Pros Have Less Trust In Public Cloud Services, UK Study Finds

Trust in public cloud services has declined in the past two years -- at least among UK IT professionals, according to a study by Leaseweb. 

Of those polled, 57% find it challenging to migrate workloads out of a public cloud environment. And 49% have faced difficulties in understanding their cloud usage costs.

Yet 72% feel they have effectively controlled these usage costs. But CX is lagging: 49% have struggled to reach a public cloud provider’s customer service.

Only 23% see cloud services only as the optimum IT infrastructure, and 20% say the same about an on-premise and public cloud mixture. 

Next were public cloud-only (17%) and a mixture of on-premise and private cloud services (14%). On-premise only was favored by only 7%. 

From January 2019 to December 2021, 36% have described their IT infrastructure approach as “cloud first,” and only 19% were “cloud-only.” After January 2022, “cloud first” had declined to 31%, with “cloud only” rising to 25%. 

“The results of this study strengthen the case for hybrid combinations thanks to the flexibility and choice it can deliver to both large and small companies,” comments Terry Storrar, managing director UK at Leaseweb.

Leaseweb -- a provider of infrastructure for websites, email services, internet applications and security -- has provided an infrastructure for mission-critical websites, Internet applications, email servers, security and storage services since 1997. 

Leaseweb surveyed 500 UK-based IT professionals.

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