Media Financial Management Association Transitions To Microsite Publishing

The Media Financial Management Association (MFM) this morning announced it is replacing its member publication, The Financial Manager, with a new microsite hosted by MediaVillage's "Knowledge Exchange," which publishes more than a hundred member organization sites aimed at the communications, marketing, media, advertising and entertainment industries.

The sites, which publish content for industry pros to share "business offerings," strategic insights, and resources for trade execs, educators and job-seekers.

MFM President-CEO Joseph Annotti said the shift to microsite publishing "is a more efficient, timely venue" for publishing its member content, and that it is expected to broaden its reach as well" including brand marketer and ad agency readers.

In a statement, he said the site's content "will serve to help erase the ‘line of demarcation’ between the revenue and expense sides of financial departments.”

Subscribers can sign up beginning Oct. 1.



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