Pete Davidson Apologizes For Taco Bell

Comedian Pete Davidson, fresh off his "Saturday Night Live" and Kim Kardashian exits, is starring in a new commercial for Taco Bell.

The ad, via Deutsch, Los Angeles, features Davidson walking around a Taco Bell. “Sometimes we go too far,” he says, explaining that he has also gone too far, which is why Taco Bell hired him to make an apology for going "too far with its breakfasts -- it was too much."

He then asks a Taco Bell employee to say she’s sorry, and she replies, “Huh?”

Davidson then explains that Taco Bell realized that what people need in the morning is “fluffy eggs, melty cheese, sausage, hash browns…(and) maybe wrap it in a warm tortilla.”

The employee then reminds Davidson “that’s a Breakfast Crunchwrap.”

Davidson then says that “they” should open a restaurant that only serves those things. “Are you riffing, or is this part of the commercial?” the woman asks. Davidson replies that he doesn’t know because he didn’t read the script.


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