Truthdig, Progressive News Site, Relaunches

Progressive news site Truthdig has been relaunched after a two-year hiatus.  

Among the site’s features are “Digs,” three-month investigations into an issue, “A Way Out,” which seeks to identify potential solutions to problems, and Truthdiggers,” profiles of individuals standing up to power

“Our perspective is broad, and we are committed to journalism that uncovers issues and seeks potential solutions,” writes Zuade Kaufman, Truthdig’s publisher and CEO, in a letter to readers. 

Kaufman adds, “We’ll also bring you fresh global voices that shed new light on relevant and important humanitarian issues, from abuse and disease to diasporas and the climate.”



Kaufman also asks readers for regular contributions.  

Current articles include reports on “the tragic intersection for veterans of PTSD, psychedelics, politics and profit,” how flooding in Pakistan has led to a humanitarian crisis while threatening a political one, and the backstory on Russia’s war in Ukraine. Also, the site examines whether Donald Trump is above the law.

Originally founded in 2005, Truthdig also offers an email newsletter.


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