A Healthy Text Diet

Text messaging is a popular companion to reality TV shows, as viewers are encouraged to participate in polls and voting. NBC recently went a step further with a new text messaging application to accompany "The Biggest Loser" weight loss series -- a program that's more organic to the show and its healthy lifestyle message. Using GoldPocket Wireless, NBC sends text subscribers diet tips and workout facts for $2.99 a month. The messages are delivered daily for a year, even when the show isn't airing. The service is available via Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Midwest Wireless. GoldPocket considers text messaging a good way of getting customers comfortable with revenue-generating add-on wireless services. Reveille Entertainment, "Loser's" production company, is mulling delivering short clips of workouts to cell phones or iPods, says Mark Koops, Reveille's vice president of development.

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