Hivestack, Focus Media Team For DOOH Ads Across China

Hivestack, a programmatic digital-out-of-home (DOOH) ad tech company has partnered with Focus Media, China's offline ad solution provider. The alliance lets advertisers activate large-scale programmatic DOOH campaigns across the country.

Focus Media covers 2.6 million elevator terminals across China, including movie-theater networks. The reach offers advertisers an opportunity to engage with 300 million urban residents in China in over 230 cities on a daily basis.

Integrating Focus Media's inventory into Hivestack's global SSP gives global advertisers provides prime locations across China's key media centers.

One challenge for brands is to navigate the Golden Shield, the online security network known as the "Great Firewall," which are both laws and technologies the country employs to regulate its domestic internet.

Still, the rise of the digital out-of-home (DOOH) market in China is a big draw.

The country’s total OOH advertising market is now worth $9 billion and DOOH already comprises one-third of this value. It's estimated that the Chinese DOOH market will be worth $6.1 billion by 2027, with programmatic contributing to such growth, according to



Andreas Soupliotis, Founder-CEO of Hivestack,said the the initial Hivestack-Focus Media partnership focused on bringing overseas revenue to Chinese DOOH media owners. Now, Hivestack China will power domestic transactions. "We now have incredible scale in China — enough to convince Chinese marketers to augment omnichannel budgets to include programmatic DOOH. China has been a big investment and commitment for us — and we are excited to see our vision bear fruit."

Jason Jiang, Chairman-CEO, Focus Media, added: "With the advantages of Focus Media's centralized media resources and our strong brand exposure in the market, this partnership with Hivestack will help advertisers in China and globally to achieve rapid business growth."

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