Donald Trump Jr. Signs Podcast Deal With Rumble: Report

Donald Trump Jr., in a move that may say as much about podcasts as it does about politics, has inked a seven-figure deal with Rumble. 

Trump, who has over 1 million subscribers on Rumble, will do two podcasts per week, according to Axios. The name of the show is “Triggered With Don Jr.,” also the title of his book. 

The arrangement allows Trump to make money while promoting his views. Rumble, a conservative platform, has also signed deals with Russell Brand, Glenn Greenwald  and David Freiheit (aka) VivaFrei, Axios continues.   

Politics aside, podcast deals abound, especially in the entertainment field, despite fears of  recession. 

“The clients that have been able to garner these deals have really built an audience that moves with them,” says Marissa Hurwitz, a partner at WME, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Podcasts are "a direct-to-consumer business, whether you think of them that way or not, and I think that [the] audience has an intrinsic and inherent value that these companies would love to partner with them on,” Hurwitz continues.  



She adds, “Those deals become even more important, especially in a recession, because if advertisers are potentially pulling back, you’re going to see them really want to focus their spend on those [creators] that can convert and where you know your ad dollars are really going to have the biggest bang for your buck.”



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