Chevy Offers $100K To 'Lead Dream Chaser' In Trax Promo

To promote the launch of the 2024 Chevrolet Trax this spring, Chevy will give away $100,000 to a “Lead Dream Chaser” bent on pursuing a worthy dream or passion project.

The winner of the contest, set to begin on Friday, will also receive three months’ use of the Trax -- and is expected to document their experiences as Lead Dream Chaser (and Trax driver) on social media.

This is a first-time promotion for the automaker, which sees a link between the SUV and aspirational activities. “The all-new Chevy Trax has everything you need to pursue your passion in style, so we encourage every dreamer to check it out,” noted Steve Majoros, chief marketing officer, Chevrolet, in the announcement.

Chevy has partnered with Everette Taylor, a creative entrepreneur and CEO of Kickstarter, to help discover the best person to be Lead Dream Chaser. The automaker lauded Taylor as “a great teammate” because he’s “deeply experienced in building and growing successful businesses, and is passionate about supporting others to help with their own career goals.”



Contest entrants can visit to submit a short video about themselves, their dream, and how they plan to use the Trax and funds to pursue a passion project or help their community. Entrants will also need to share how they plan to document their story on social media along the way.

A panel of judges from Chevrolet will evaluate the entries, also scoring such factors as the creativity of the video submissions and what the person plans to do with the role.

The 30-day submission period will open the afternoon of Friday, Jan. 13 -- a very specific choice for Chevy, since Friday afternoons are the most popular time of the week for daydreaming, according to a Chevy-commissioned Harris Poll survey.

Chevy will announce the finalists in March and the winner in April.

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