Marketers Are Leaning Into Podcast Advertising: Study

Only 42% of U.S. marketers have a detailed understanding of programmatic advertising, although nearly 60% have used it, according to a new study from Acast. 

That said, they are leaning in to podcasts and expect programmatic podcast advertising to almost triple by 2027.

(Note: Acast is a podcast advertising company.)

The study found 65% expect to increase their spend on podcast advertising. But 83% of those that have previously purchased podcast ads will budget more. 

Only 3% of the respondents expect podcasts to be the most negatively affected channel by the death of the cookie next year.  In contrast, nearly 70% expect social media to be most hurt.

Moreover, 84% say podcasts now have low ad loads, a higher rate than other media, which spells opportunity for advertisers.  



Looking toward the future, 54% respondents say better reporting is the key to driving their increased investments in programmatic advertising. 

“Podcast advertising and programmatic ad buying are in this moment of simultaneous, rapid growth, yet there are still so many myths and misunderstandings about both held by media buyers,” said Global Head of Ad Innovation at Acast Elli Dimitroulakos.

Acast, based in Sweden, surveyed 500 U.S. marketers/advertisers, from December 5-21, 2022, working with third-party research firm Attest.  

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