Tool Is Launched To Drive QR Code-driven Content

Publishers are being offered a tool for publishing QR Code-led interactive content. 

Openscreen has unveiled  Openscreen Engage, which it says is  a turnkey system for the design, launch and tracking of QR Code programs. 

The tool is built on Openscreen's dynamic QR Code, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and messaging. It allows businesses to bring educational and interactive content to their employees and customers.

According to the company, publishers and brands can use a cloud-based solution to:

Design, publish and manage interactive mobile content in multiple channels..

Style, create and print dynamic, branded QR Codes.

Use form templates to capture permission-based customer and employee data.

Send notifications via e-mail, text, and multi-media messaging.

Gather scan data and content usage insights. 

"QR Codes have emerged as the most accessible contactless solution in the marketplace today,” states Gemini Waghmare, CEO of Openscreen. “That said, customers tell us it's cumbersome to manage content, QR Codes and user profiles across many separate systems.” 





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