How Marketers Can Embrace AI

As the year 2023 started, the media was engaged with artificial intelligence: most notably, ChatGPT, a chatbot launched by the Microsoft-backed OpenAI in November.

It seemed that after much talk, 2023 might be the year that the marketing industry embraced AI. That is, at this point in time, AI seems viable enough to be used for marketing.

As ChatGPT illustrates, AI can aid what is perhaps the most burdensome job of marketing: content creation. AI-generated notes can help marketers understand reports, blogs and other research materials quicker. Already, AI is being used to help scientists decipher cellular structures. according to a post on Mirage, and to help NASA mine earth data (per Forbes), so using it to simplify researching content creation could be a major boon.

When it comes to creating content, the onus can and should be on humans, but AI can help by offering suggestions of keywords and topics and making sure that the work is free from plagiarism. In other words, AI could be an editor of content, but perhaps later on play a bigger role in generating content.



Another way that AI can help marketers is by using predictive analytics and personalization. For instance, if you search books on Amazon, the company’s system can (and does) use predictive analytics to suggest a book that you’d like.

For instance, I just went on Amazon’s site and pulled up the “Top Picks for You” section. It lists some 50 books, some of which were, well, random (like “Random” by Penn Gillette), but some of which were on target.

While some are already asking ChatGPT to create Super Bowl ads, right now, the best way to kick the tires on this new technology is by using it to personalize recommendations and research target customer preferences and to edit ideas. But soon enough, it will excel at creating content and at that point, we may be all out of a job.

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