Retail Shopping Commercials Did Not Drive Viewers to Stores in December

Retail Shopping Commercials Did Not Drive Viewers to Stores in December

According to BIGresearch's December Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, retailers spending on TV commercials to drive shoppers into their stores met with indifference. When asked if their favorite commercial motivated them to shop that retailer 38.1% said no, 35.4% said the commercials had no impact because they were already shopping at that retailer, and only 26.5% said yes.

When asked which retailer has the best holiday TV Commercial,  

  • 75.2% said they had no preference.
  • Target was the top commercial mentioned at 5.6% and
  • Wal-Mart was second with 3.5%
  • Sears third at1.5%
  • Kohl's mentioned fourth by 1% of the respondents
  • Best Buy last of the top five at .9%

Respondents were also asked which holiday advertising media most influenced them to shop at a particular retailer. The top ten media influences, in order, are:

  • Coupons
  • Newspaper Inserts
  • Word of Mouth
  • TV (Broadcast)
  • In-Store Promotions
  • Direct Mail
  • Newspaper
  • Cable
  • Radio
  • Email

For those who had a favorite commercial the list is the same except that magazines replace email.

Joe Pilotta, VP of research, BIGresearch, said "Many retailers use their television advertising to entertain consumers as a way of engaging them, but it doesn't appear that it is translating into influence to shop… Based on the consumer's choice of media of influence, it seems that consumers want information and direction. Engaging commercials on TV appear not to have impact on the cognitive domain called purchasing.”

Complimentary findings are available here.

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