46% Of Americans Are Ambivalent About AI, 38% Are Worried

Nearly half (46%) of American adults say they are equally concerned and enthused about the increasing presence of artificial intelligence in business and many other areas of life, and 38% are just plain worried about it, according to a new survey from Bankless.Times.com, which covers the alternative finance industry.

Just 15% say they are more excited than worried.

Those who say they have high awareness (21%) of AI are almost two times more excited than those with low awareness (12%).

Four in 10 individuals with low awareness of AI are more cautious than excited, in comparison to three in 10 with high awareness.

More than half of Americans (59%) believe AI will play a central role in our lives in the future.

Nearly three quarters (73%) of Americans say AI’s development should be monitored to ensure that it doesn't get out of control. 

"We can use AI to collect large amounts of data on people – both willingly and unwillingly – which raises serious questions about what happens with this information,” comments BanklessTimes.com CEO Jonathan Merry. “There are many positives that we can gain from AI usage. But first we need to assure users of their safety while using the technology."

The survey was conducted between Dec. 12 and 18, 2022, among 11,004 panelists (out of a total sample of 12,448) representing U.S. residents 18 and older.

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