AARP Media Advertising Network Brings Readers Home

In a busy media landscape and competitive consumer market, where brands reach their audiences matters more than ever. And the ideal location to reach consumers is at home.

In-home readers are more engaged, and some studies confirm that the majority of consumers discuss and make purchase decisions at home. So how can marketers make the most of this insight and get their message in front of audiences poised to take action?

Marketing Daily interviewed Shelagh Daly Miller, vice president and group publisher at AARP Media Advertising Network, to discuss how AARP’s print publications are beating industry averages to reach more readers at home and moving consumers forward in the purchase journey. 

Marketing Daily: How does AARP’s readership and in-home reach compare to other publications?



Shelagh Daly Miller: Our flagship print publications, AARP The Magazine and AARP Bulletin, both enjoy a readership that’s 30 million-plus. According to the latest MRI-Simmons study, AARP The Magazine reached a new all-time high of 38.7 million readers, making it America’s most-read magazine for the fifth year in a row. MRI-Simmons and AARP’s own research finds that 91% of AARP’s print audience reads their issues in-home, far above the industry average of 55%.  

Marketing Daily: What design features have you adopted to drive engagement for AARP’s print ads?

Miller: The print ad format allows for the delivery of more information, ensuring everything consumers need to get started on the purchase journey is right there in the publication. Print ads are designed as part of the reading experience – rather than as an interruption of the reading experience. When advertisers invest in our media, they gain access to our team of experts and our vast experience and knowledge of the 50-plus market. That includes our creative best practices, which contribute to the success of our advertisers by optimizing their use of the print ad experience and ultimately enhancing their return on investment.

Marketing Daily: Why is your in-home readership and engagement so important to your advertisers?

Miller: Today, when people are exceedingly short on time, the competition to reach consumers when they are invested and responsive to brand messaging has never been greater. Our readership figures are significant because location is such a powerful driver of the purchase journey. Why is this so essential for advertisers?

According to Murphy Research, home is also where nine in 10 consumers discuss and make purchase decisions, which makes high in-home engagement critical. We also know that our readers are more reliant on AARP print than they were a decade ago. Compared to 2012, they’re 18% more likely to read the advertising in AARP The Magazine, 55% more likely to clip and save an ad for future reference, and 82% more likely to look for more information.

Marketing Daily: Why do you think consumers are more apt to make purchase decisions at home?

Miller: For one, there is less interruption from the outside world than, say, ads you might be served during your commute, at work, while you’re out shopping or running day-to-day errands. Consumers are also more receptive to advertising at home, where they have more time to focus on the media they’re consuming. Plus, at home, consumers are more likely to have laptops, tablets or smartphones close at hand, allowing them to readily go online, learn more about products and services and buy with confidence. And lastly, when you are at home, you are likely to be surrounded by others, who may influence your purchase decisions.  


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