Ukrainian Men's Suits Brand Makes War Hero The Face Of Its New Campaign

Ukrainian soldier Ilia Samoilenko has been fighting Russian-backed separatists and Russia itself after last year’s invasion for eight years. He’s 28 years old and six years ago lost his right eye and left arm during fighting in the eastern Donbas region of the country.

But he remained a soldier and was among the troops who defended the Azovstal steelworks last year against a much bigger Russian force until the Ukrainian government abandoned the effort and withdrew its troops.

Now Samoilenko is the face of a new ad campaign for custom suit maker Indposhive Bespoke, titled “The Only One.” The values of the company and the soldier are a perfect match, according to the brand.

Since childhood, Samoilenko has been interested in the history of clothing and quality suits. Bespoke suits are designed specifically for one individual, and the company improved the design of one of the sleeves for comfort and a perfect fit for Samoilenko’s suits.



“We never take a person for our campaigns because of their popularity,” says company founder Kateryna Vozianova. “First, we choose someone who shares our values. Ilia wanted to become a client even before he got to Azovstal. And later he told me that even there, surrounded, he dreamed of how he would return and walk in our suit on the streets of Kyiv.”

And in Samoilenko’s case, the dream came true.

A video from the campaign can be seen here.

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