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'Mental And Health Awareness" Magazine Launches


Sure, there’s a mental health crisis affecting age groups from adolescents to young adults, and beyond. But there’s been no magazine focused solely on this issue.

Now, Mental and Health Awareness (MAHA) has launched as a national free quarterly digital magazine providing education, resources and treatment options for parents, families and educators.

Editor in chief/founder Doré E. Frances, Ph.D, tells Marketing Daily it’s the first publication of its kind that’s not addiction-focused. (The latter include Treatment Magazine, Counselor, Intervene and Renew Magazine.)

Editorial is by Frances and others who are “licensed therapists, mental training consultants, and relationship coaches.”



Content includes an article on how to be a “healing parent,” results from a survey of 12- to 17 year-olds by the National Alliance of Mental Illness, and -- in a feature called “Real People, Real Stories” -- a story about “Grace, a Transgender Student Living In Maryland.”

The first 44-page issue of Mental & Health Awareness includes a cover ad from life coaching provider Atlas Life, a back-cover ad from non-profit parents support group Willows in the Wind, and interior ads, some including accompanying articles, from Golden Healer Service Dogs, Corner Canyon Health Centers, Evergreen Psychotherapy Center, The Other Side Academy, Wasatch Academy, Cascade Academy and others. There’s also a Business Directory, consisting entirely of paid listings.

Launched last week, the issue had been opened by 19,000 readers as of Wednesday morning, Frances says.Around 3,000 of them came through a Facebook post and 2,500 surprisingly through the Nextdoor app: “All I did was post it for my neighbors and Nextdoor reached out to me asking for more information,” Francis says.

The rest? Francis, who has been worked in the mental health and treatment fields for over 30 years, says she has a database of some 45,000 names, and “they in turn are sharing it.”

"Magazines provide an ideal environment for advertising that inspires action, and MAHA magazine confirms that through its in-depth research," Frances said in a statement aimed at potential advertisers. This research, she tells Marketing Daily, includes “parent focus groups for various situations,” as well as a host of studies listed at


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