Hearst Employees Plan Walkouts At Four Locations On Thursday

Workers are planning walkouts at Hearst offices this Thursday to protest the inability to finalize a first contract. Negotiations are scheduled to end on March 28, with one session left.   

The bargaining has been going on for two years, according to the WGA East Hearst Union.  

The half-day walkouts are scheduled for the Hearst Tower in Manhattan and the Hearst offices in Easton, Pennsylvania, Ann Arbor, Michigan and Birmingham, Alabama. Rallies will be held outside.  

“The 500-member bargaining unit at Hearst has been fighting an intense anti-union campaign by management while trying to win important contract proposals around fair salary minimums, fair wage increases, better severance, and strong anti-harassment protections, among other key issues,” the union states.



Hearst issued a statement saying, “We are committed to fostering a workplace where all employees feel supported. We’ve reached agreement on important issues and look forward to continuing to bargain in good faith and finalizing this process with a fair contract. Negotiations resume next week and we have offered future meeting dates,” according to Deadline. 



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