Changing the World, One Click at A Time

What if your screen time could have a positive impact on the world? Although this question seems farfetched, it might not be as unrealistic as you think.

One Gen Z-er has invented a social network for good, called ETHOS. At age 19, Alejandra de Brunner found herself frustrated by the difficulty using mainstream social platforms to advance causes she cared about. So she created her own platform.

Since its founding in January 2020, the Ethos network has grown quickly among Gen Z-ers.  Ethos houses content about social causes related to the environment, equality, education, science and global news. Users can ask questions, share news and opinions, and engage in discussions with other members. What’s unique about Ethos is that all the content on the platform is about shared causes, with a feed curated to what you hold dear to your heart. 

Brands are already getting involved. Ethos has run programs with purpose-led brands and campaigns such as Ecosia (the search engine that plants trees), sustainable brand locator app Good On You, and the Keep London transport free for Under-18s campaign.



If your brand has a meaningful stance and operational focus on societal issues and sustainability, you may want to lean in on Ethos for the good of the world, and your sales.

Are there initiatives your brand is taking that you would like to share? Has your packaging become more eco-friendly? Are you sourcing products that help micro-economies? Are you donating to important causes or making an effort to be eco-friendly in the world of single-use plastics? Ethos could be the perfect app to start sharing your core values. 

Even if you’re not ready to actively join the conversation, you can use Ethos to learn more about what your Gen Z customers care about. Where are their passions around social issues, and how do they express themselves about them? Consider how these learnings will create opportunities for your brand communications on other platforms.

Here are  first steps you can take:

-- Explore the app to get familiar with what conversations are happening, and how Gen Z is using it. Choose causes that align with your brand and open discussions or comment on posts, sharing your POV.

-- Connect with like-minded creators to develop a close relationship with the community on Ethos.  This will encourage users to act as brand ambassadors.

With the opportunity to connect, learn, teach, and impact change, Ethos can be used as a platform for your brand to educate and connect with people who can promote your brand in an impactful way. Join Gen Z in making a positive mark on the world!

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