WIN Offers Internet Service Without A 'Toxic Contract'

The Lemon agency is behind “Toxic Contract” a new campaign for WIN, the Peruvian home internet brand.

Mixing fiction, terror, surrealism and humor, the campaign creates empathy for WIN, which positions itself as an important option in the internet marketplace. It promises not to include “clauses that tie you down.”

“The communication strategy echoes the collective fatigue and the annoyance people in Peru have with this type of service, due to technical failures, poor service, and most of the time, contractual complications when they want to migrate to another operator,” said Renato Arauco, partner-general strategy director of Lemon.

Here, WIN becomes the voice of the consumer to generate connection and recover lost trust. It uses a disruptive TV spot to distance itself from business rivals, while spotlighting the company's differences. 

Production was done by Fértil, which specializes in the development of audiovisual content and creation of crafted pieces for brands and ad agencies.

Luciano Leone, Lemon partner-creative director, noted the conceptual twist: “The creative translation of this is to use a communication based on a completely different language used by other brands in the same category.”

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