Newsmax Now Dropped By Frontier

Two weeks after its month-long absence from DirecTV was resolved, right-wing network Newsmax has been dropped by Frontier Communications.

"Our contract with Newsmax TV expired and we made the business decision not to renew our agreement," Frontier stated on its site. Frontier also dropped Fuse Media’s Fuse and FM channels.

Last November, Frontier dropped right-wing network One America News (OAN). DirecTV also dropped OAN last year.

However, Frontier had under 300,000 TV/video customers at the end of 2022, versus DirecTV’s roughly 13 million.

In a statement reacting to Frontier’s move, Newsmax said that since it began renewals last year, 99% of its operators have renewed, representing about 98% of its subscribers.

“Frontier’s decision was clearly political, because they will lose far more money in cancellations and lost business without Newsmax,” the network asserted.

DirecTV returned Newsmax to its platforms, but did not give into the Newsmax fee demands that caused DirecTV to decline to renew their carriage agreement.

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