Marketers Celebrate 4/20

As marijuana becomes decriminalized in parts of the U.S., some brands are jumping on the celebration of 4/20, a.k.a. “Four-Twenty,” including Jack in the Box, Skullcandy and Adidas.

4/20 is said to date back to 1971, when five high school students in San Rafael, California used the term to search for an abandoned cannabis crop. Over time, the  term gained currency, to the point that Elon Musk frequently uses it as a talking point on Twitter, and it has figured into the plot of a “Family Guy” episode.

For 4/20, Jack in the Box is bringing back its Pineapple Express Shake, (shown above), referencing the pot-friendly movie, sold for $4.20.

“We’ll have food trucks stationed across [California] offering the shake + edible arrangement to top it off,” said a rep for the company. Jack in the Box has partnered with WeedMaps, which will map out the locations where customers can find the food truck activations and/or their nearest Jack in the Box location.



While Jack in the Box appears to be the only fast feeder celebrating 4/20 this year, headphone maker Skullcandy has introduced Grind Haze, a set of earbuds inspired by the Purple Haze strain of cannabis.

Adidas is also releasing (outside the U.S.) a Campus 80 shoe wrapped in light-brown rolling paper.

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