Stagwell Folds Three Agencies Under The CP+B Banner

Stagwell today took the wraps off an agency reorganization to form what it called a “refreshed” CP+B.  

The sibling agencies now falling under the CP+B banner include MMI, Vitro and Observatory. Each bring separate strengths to the restructuring. MMI, which absorbed Media Kitchen last year, is known for its media performance capabilities as well as influencer marketing. Vitro combines creative and production skills and Observatory is a branded entertainment specialist. 



Brad Simms, who was named Global CEO of the agency last fall, remains in that post and the agency now has a combined staff of 300-plus.  

Maggie Malek, formerly the CEO of MMI, has been appointed President, North America, reporting to Simms 

“CP+B is the original challenger brand and core to the fabric of Stagwell,” said company Chairman and CEO Mark Penn. “With talented leaders like Brad and Maggie at the helm, I’m confident the future of CP+B is bright.”   

Rounding out the North American leadership team is: 

Josh Braithwaite, Chief Creative Officer, North America (currently in this role) 

Tom Sullivan, Chief Growth Officer, North America (formerly CEO of Vitro) 

Brendan Shields-Shimizu, Chief Innovation Officer, North America (formerly CEO of Observatory) 

Laura Eder, Chief Operating Officer, North America (formerly COO of MMI). 



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