Kroger Is Pulling Its Discount Circulars From Newspapers

In another hit to struggling local publishers, Kroger is pulling its circular advertising out of print newspapers and going all-digital. 

Paper copies of the chain’s specials will still be available in-store, and consumers can request to have them delivered to their home by calling a toll-free number. 

But the circulars that had graced newspapers for generations will be gone, according to media reports. 

Last week, Kroger tweeted, “As a result of declining newspaper circulation and many of our partners reducing or eliminating physical distribution of their newspapers, we’re changing the way we get our circular to our customers to ensure they’re receiving it.” 

Kroger is asking customers to download an app to receive the deals. Or, they can access the information at This presumably could feed a loyalty program. 

The financial hit to newspaper is not yet known, but this cannot be good news for them.

In addition, critics warn that seniors and others who rely on the deals in the newspapers can’t effectively plan their meals without them.



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