Publishers Offered Tool For Verifying Accuracy Of Information

Publishers concerned about the accuracy of content  can verify the provenance of files and data with a drag-and-drop feature from RKVST, the company says.  

The new product, Instaproof, allows users to “instantly verify the authenticity of any file, eliminating the time-wasting, expensive and error-prone processes employed today,” says Rusty Cumpston, CEO, RKVST.

This blockchain-based capability is critical in a time of fake news and AI-generated content, the company says.  

“Think how a doctored photo could lead media to mistakenly report false information, or how incorrect data could lead a bank or its customers to lose significant money,” Cumpston says.

Users can determine the provenance of information in files registered with RKVST by dragging the file in question by dragging it onto Instaproof,  but they do not need an RKVST account.  

"Most of the data businesses use today comes from outside the secure boundaries of the organization and lacks the integrity metadata needed to prove origin, provenance and authenticity,” Cumpston argues. 




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