Spotify May Field An AI Tool Enabling Podcast Advertisers To Use Artificially Generated Voices: Reports

Spotify, which claims its podcasting usage is exploding,  is creating AI tools that would give advertisers the ability to use artificially generated voices in podcasts.

Bill Simmons, founder of The Ringer, which was acquired by Spotify in 2020, broke the news in a recent podcast, according to reports in Semafor, TechCrunch and Insider.  

“There is going to be a way to use my voice for the ads,” Simmons said. “You have to obviously give the approval for the voice, but it opens up, from an advertising standpoint, all these different great possibilities for you.”

Siimmons also said: "I don't think Spotify is going to get mad at me for this, but we're developing that stuff." 

Spotify has not confirmed the report.  

In reporting the AI news, Podnews also says that YouTube has added a podcasts tab to the YouTube TV interface, although it is “hidden in the ‘more’ tab unless you already watch podcasts frequently,” Podnews writes. 





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