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VinFast Faces Early Recall

New Vietnamese automaker VinFast Auto is already dealing with a recall of its 2023 VF8 electric vehicle. "A software error may cause the multifunction[ing] head unit display to go blank and not show critical safety information, such as the speedometer or warning lights, which may increase the risk of a crash, the company said in a safety recall report," per USA Today. "Of the 999 potentially affected vehicles, 111 are in customer hands, 153 are in fleet service, and 735 are in VinFast’s custody and control. Of those in customer hands or in fleet service, VinFast is aware of 18 reported occurrences on 14 vehicles. Of the 18 occurrences, eight were while the vehicle was in park, five while the vehicle was not in park, and for five, the position of the shift selector lever was not reported."



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