Demandbase Deploys Generative AI To Create B2B Buying Groups

B2B platform Demandbase has debuted a service for using generative AI to identify buying groups. 

The new tool, Buying Group AI, uses artificial intelligence to “analyze massive behavioral data sets to generate accurate buying groups and automatically assign roles and personas to each of their constituent members,” says Brewster Stanislaw, chief product officer, at Demandbase.

Stanislaw says that account-based marketing (ABM) has drawbacks.  

“It’s too broad because it’s not every person at an account that participates in a buying decision,” Stanislaw says. “The sweet spot is in between -- it’s the buying committee, made of influencers, champions, blockers, etc., that actually determines where and when an enterprise will invest in a given solution.”

Seagate, which has relied heavily on ABM, is now looking forward to using the platform when it is made available to the company in Q3.  

“The ability to automatically identify and engage with accurate buying groups, understanding their personas and roles, will revolutionize our sales and marketing efforts,” says Daniel Cafiero, senior program manager, account-based marketing and paid media at Seagate.

Stanislaw adds that by focusing on the buying group as their core GTM object, B2B brands can “generate more demand with greater velocity through the customer journey, while minimizing waste by investing resources where they are most impactful.”

Demandbase says it offers AI-validated contact data on more than 150 million buyers plus advertising and behavioral data.

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