Company Forms Steering Committee With Publishers To Explore Programmatic

Publishing technology platform Sovrn has formed a steering committee to address the challenges faced by publishers in optimizing their programmatic ad operations. 

The group includes such companies as Ziff Davis, LoveToKnow Media, and Publishers Clearing House.

The goal is to “create a platform for shaping the future of our ad operations software, and more importantly, to engage our customers and partners in ways that foster an environment of collaboration," says Peter Cunha, managing director of Sovrn Ad Management.

The steering committee will focus on issues like addressability, first-party data deployment, marketplace development, yield management and robust data insights over the next 12 months.

In addition, the group will work with the Sovrn Ad Management team to explore efficient management of programmatic ad operations and yield across hundreds of websites, the company says.

"I am excited to be part of Sovrn's steering committee," says Mark Obermoller, senior director of programmatic strategy for Ziff Davis. 

Obermoller adds, "Not only can Ziff Davis help influence the development of key products that better align with our strategic objectives, but we can also help positively impact the broader industry."





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