Newswire Offers AI Writing Assistant For PR Pros

Press release distribution service Newswire has launched an AI writing assistant and recommendation engine for use by PR professionals.  

The new tool, Almee, is designed to help PR pros create press releases and promote engagement.

Users can answer a short questionnaire, and from that generate a press release. 

Or they can submit a text of a press release that Almee will review and enhance, using a blend of AI technologies to provide data-driven feedback,, it adds.  

This combination allows users to compare their work with outputs from industry peers in past press releases, Newswire continues. 

Almee is built on insights from Newswire's content archives covering 29 industries and its engagement analytics. 

One user is Issuer Direct.  

"Combining our vast data sets with AImee's AI capabilities represents the next step in leveraging technology for our business," says Brian R. Balbirnie, founder and chief executive officer of Issuer Direct. "This powerful tool not only enables users to generate a story effectively, but also allows optimization based on industry comparisons and engagement traffic data." 

Newswire also offers the Press Release Optimizer, consisting of press release distribution, media databases, media monitoring, and online media rooms.




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