Arm & Hammer Greens Up Laundry Space With Power Sheets Detergent


Arm & Hammer has teamed up with actress and musician Victoria Justice to promote the launch of Arm & Hammer Power Sheets Laundry Detergent.

The new product is the brand’s entry into the detergent strip space, offering a more eco-friendly alternative to the bulky plastic packaging of traditional detergents. Arm & Hammer is the first major detergent brand to launch in the sheets detergent category on Amazon, according to the company.

We reached out to an Arm & Hammer brand representative to discuss the launch and the company's broader efforts to address increased consumer demand for sustainability.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Can you go into any detail on marketing initiatives accompanying the launch?

Arm & Hammer: The Arm & Hammer team has a comprehensive support plan hitting all key consumer touchpoints including partnering with numerous high profile social influencers, large scale sampling efforts on college campuses and to Amazon consumers, on-line video and digital display advertising all in addition to our partnership with Victoria. We also have a robust promotional plan including clickable coupons and participation in major Amazon events.

During the partnership, Victoria will be participating in various media interviews as well as posting Instagram and TikTok content to her 27+ million followers about her daily life and the ease of using Power Sheets while doing laundry.

Can you elaborate on the significance of Arm & Hammer being the first major detergent brand to enter the sheets detergent category on Amazon?

Our status as first major brand to market in this category is emblematic of Arm & Hammer’s commitment to delivering on consumer’s evolving needs: in this case, demand for Amazon “Climate Pledge Friendly” products that have lightweight & recyclable packaging, pre-measured doses, are easily carried, and reduce plastic bottle waste.

Smaller, niche brands entered that category a few years ago. We believe that our high level of consumer awareness (95%), and trust in our powerful brand will change the size of the sheets category by bringing in new-to-form consumers.

When did the brand identify this as an important category to target for innovation?

Arm & Hammer is continually striving to lighten the consumers’ load by simplifying the laundry routine and reducing plastic bottle waste. We identified detergent sheets as a great opportunity for the category, our retail partners, and for the brand coming out of the pandemic, as more household members were helping out with laundry responsibilities. The opportunity for easy-to-use, no-drip or mess detergent options like sheets became a greater focus for the brand.

What went into developing the product, and how long has its launch been planned?

We have been working toward launch for the past year and accelerated the timeline to August of this year, including conducting consumer research and product testing.

How does this launch reflect broader commitments to deliver more sustainable products to increasingly eco-conscious consumers?

This Amazon “Climate Pledge Friendly” launch, and its significant reduction in plastic bottle waste, is only the most recent example of a continued journey at Arm & Hammer to deliver products aligned to our goal of being a good steward to the earth. For example, we are expected to reduce plastic usage by approximately 7 million pounds and water usage by approximately 118,000 tons by 2024 through the concentration of our liquid laundry products.

In addition, we partner with the organization Terracycle to facilitate the recycling of our 5-in-1 Power Pak Laundry Detergent pouches, and we are a long-standing corporate sponsor of Earth Day --along with many other initiatives and sponsorships.

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