'Newsweek' Teams Up With Kia For Online Section On Sustainability

Newsweek is leaning into sustainability and related subjects in a dedicated section on its website titled "Better Planet," in partnership with automobile manufacturer Kia.

The content hub will focus on green issues while providing news, features and insights on sustainability, Newsweek says. It will also be a featured cover story in the magazine edition.

"Our hub will offer compelling narratives and profiles that we believe will inspire readers to join in efforts to shape a sustainable future," says Nancy Cooper, global editor in chief.  

Newsweek also hopes to build  community around these narratives.

According to Newsweek, Kia aims to contribute to sustainable mobility by popularizing EVs while increasing the use of recyclable materials and clean energy in production.

“We believe in the power of education and awareness to drive positive change, and through this collaboration, Kia aims to inspire a global movement toward a more sustainable future,” says Russell Wager, vice president, marketing at Kia America,

 The content hub was launched on Wednesday, and will be a core section of the Newsweek site, featured in navigation, for the rest of the year. The section will likely continue in 2024, according to a Newsweek spokesperson.  




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