White Castle Delivers With Uber Direct Partnership


White Castle today announced the addition of delivery in its own app through a partnership with Uber Direct, Uber’s white-label delivery platform.

Previously the burger chain relied strictly on third-party apps for its delivery service. The partnership now means customers will be able to order directly from White Castle via its app and pay the same price as they would in-store, plus a $4.99 flat delivery fee. There are no other hidden or additional fees.

Delivery is available through the White Castle app within a five-mile radius of restaurants serviced by Uber Direct. The app uses Uber technology to connect each order with a driver to ensure delivery.

Uber launched the Uber Direct white-label delivery option in April 2020. The program allows restaurants to receive orders directly from its app, website or by phone, and have its food delivered by Uber's global courier network. Fees are paid to Uber Direct based on distance, speed of delivery and region.



Originally launched in New York during the pandemic to assist with grocery and convenience store deliveries, the program is now available to restaurants, grocery and convenience stores nationwide.

With the addition of delivery, the White Castle app also features the complete menu, location finder, crave customization, on-the-go ordering, save features, app-only menu items and offers, and exclusive access to loyalty program offers and deals. The chain also recently announced the release of the French Toast Slider and Cheddar Cheese Rings for a limited time only.


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