Ad, PR Jobs Increased 2.3% In October

Overall job growth in the U.S. was slower than expected in October although growth in the advertising, PR and related fields continued to grow, reaching 504,000 on a seasonally adjusted basis, up 2.3% from September, according to the latest Bureau Of Labor Statistics employment report.   

And given all the worries over the past year about whether the economy was headed for a downturn, industry job levels have held up well, growing by 8,500 jobs, an increase of almost 2%, per the BLS.  

Growth isn’t uniform across the industry and ad agencies and groups usually tie job growth--or cuts--to revenue performance.   



For example, Stagwell said this week it expects an organic revenue decline of 4% for the full year 2023 and that its overall headcount at year’s end will be 7% less than at the start of the year. 



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