Mini USA Takes Over Las Vegas Sphere

Mini USA is showing off its newest model on Sphere in Las Vegas, the world’s largest LED screen.

The activation from creative agency Pereira O’Dell will prominently feature the new 2025 Mini Countryman Electric, says Patrick McKenna, department head, marketing, product and strategy, Mini USA, an independent brand of the BMW Group.

“This is the biggest outdoor billboard that exists in the world,” McKenna tells Marketing Daily. “And of course we're going to cover it from a social media standpoint. There'll be drone footage of it, obviously it's not just for people in Las Vegas to see, but then we'll capture some amazing footage of it.”

Creative also shows Spike, Mini’s Intelligent Personal Assistant and digital companion.

The campaign’s content kicked off on Sphere on Nov. 27, and will run until Dec. 2, with a special four-hour takeover on Dec. 1. 



Creative is shown across the 366-foot-high and 516-foot-wide screen. The display also includes the Las Vegas backdrop and all the spectators inside and outside of Sphere to highlight the interactive nature of the space.

The campaign will also spotlight Mini’s next-generation advanced technology stack, a leap in technology for Mini vehicles. It includes the first-ever round, high-resolution OLED screen in a passenger vehicle, and features personalized “Experience Modes” that aim to create an immersive driving experience. 

The iconic circular OLED display is perfectly suited for Sphere's unique canvas, providing a larger-than-life platform for the launch, says Rob Lambrechts, chief creative officer at Pereira O’Dell.

Sphere presented a new kind of creative challenge, he adds.

“We wanted to think of this campaign as an art piece, not as an ad,” Lambrechts says in a statement. “People are coming to Sphere to have fun and be entertained, so we needed to integrate Mini in the least intrusive way possible.”

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