The Washington Post Is Halting Its Advertising On X

The Washington Post is “pausing” its advertising on X.  

This comes after X owner Elon Musk allegedly wrote a post expressing his belief in the “Pizzagate”conspiracy theory, which led a man to fire a rifle inside a Washington, DC restaurant in Washington, DC in 2016. 

According to the Post, Musk implied that the expert who debunked Pizzagate “went to jail for child porn.” This post was viewed more than 15 million times before being deleted. 

Believers in Pizzagate claim that the Clintons and Democratic party leaders “ran a secret satanic child sex ring in a D.C. pizzeria known as Comet Ping Pong,” the Post writes.  

Pizzagate has been thoroughly debunked by responsible news organizations.  

It is not clear if the “pause” will become permanent. Other advertisers have fled X over a growing flood of anti-semitism on the site.  

Logan Strain, a conspiracy expert, said it’s “incredibly dangerous” that Musk was boosting a fabrication that had already been cited in an act of violence, the Post writes. “It is very distressing that he’s validating a conspiracy theory that has radicalized people to destroy their lives and commit crimes.”



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