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Chipotle Year-In-Review: Fan Callouts From Olivia Rodrigo To Duolingo

This year Chipotle decided to issue its own report on the chain’s fandom, and what resonated most with guests, in the U.S. and Canada for 2023.

Instagram was huge for the chain, resulting in a myriad of posts by celebrities, musicians, sports figures and even other brands. Gen Z musician @OliviaRodrigo posted a pic of herself with a ring on each of her four fingers spelling out “GUAC,” while actually eating the chain’s guacamole.

Language learning app Duolingo posted its green owl mascot ordering and enjoying a Chipotle bowl with Tabasco hot sauce. Musician @LennyKravitz, football tight end @KillaTrav, and basketball star @JimmyButler also posted about the chain.

As far as TikTok goes, #ChipotleMukbang has 440 million views, which inspired the chain’s launch of the Chipotle Car Napkin Holder earlier this month.



@ChrisNikic, who is the first person ever with Down syndrome to finish an Ironman, was shown  eating the most Chipotle of any amateur athlete Celeb Card holder.

For one undisclosed person in San Diego, Chipotle has become a way of life. The fan has eaten Chipotle daily for 552 days, which is (thus far) the longest active Chipotle streak.

Chipotle also broke down fans by state. Californians eat the most guacamole in the U.S., while Oregon tops the list for carnitas. Nebraskans led in steak orders, but Kansas eats the most barbacoa. When it comes to chip consumption, Ohio is the leader. The most popular beverage nationwide is Tractor’s Berry Aqua Fresca.

Boulder, Colorado leads college towns with the most Chipotle consumed. Texans request more new Chipotle locations than any other state.

In terms of when fans consume Chipotle, the most common time of day to eat is around 12:15 p.m., with Friday being the peak day.

In 2023 the chain hosted 32,680 fundraisers, resulting in donations of $6,720,064 to local communities. The most popular fundraisers are for public high schools, receiving more than $1.3 million of the donations. Chipotle fans also raised $591,000 for the National Young Farmers Coalition. Additionally, Chipotle donated 17 million pounds of unsold produce to food banks through The Farmlink Project in 2023, achieving a milestone of more than 100 million pounds donated since 2020.


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